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  • Orthoimagery - Annex II. INSPIRE Dataset for Orthoimagery theme contains Lithuanian Digital Raster Orthophotographic Map (ORT10LT at Scale 1:10000) which is created on the background of aerial photography of 2019, 2020 and 2021. Orthophotographic maps can be downloaded as separate sheets in LizardTech MrSID format. The objects are shown at a scale of 1:500 - 1:50 000 through the view service.

  • INSPIRE Priority Data Set (Compliant) - Habitat types range

  • INSPIRE dataset for Human Health and Safety theme represents information about common health indexes and health services statistics in Lithuania, population disease-specific mortality, adults', and school-age children's lifestyle habits, environmental aspects related with human health and safety elements as bathing places, noise values, and road traffic accidents. It is important to mention that the sample of data on adult's lifestyle habits research consists of 24889 surveyed adults aged 18 and over. Data sample on children's lifestyle habits research consists of 38633 surveyed school-aged (5, 7, 9 cl.) children. Data provided by the Lithuanian Ministry of Health and the Center for Health Education and Disease Prevention cover the part ‘the environmental determinant of health’ of the Human Health and Safety theme. Data provided by the Police Department covers the part ‘Safety’ of the Human Health and Safety theme. The objects of the layer HH.HealthDeterminantMeasure.Noise are shown at a scale of 1:5 000.

  • INSPIRE Priority Data Set (Compliant) - BIRDS distribution sensitive

  • INSPIRE dataset for Area Management/Restriction/Regulation Zones and Reporting Units theme represents theme-related territories in Lithuania. Data of mineral resources restriction zones are not public, in order to get these data you need to contact the Lithuanian geological survey under the Ministry of Environment which is the resource provider, The AM.DrinkingWaterProtectionArea layer is shown at a scale of 1:500 000 through the view service.

  • The Addresses data is based on the public data of the SE Center of Registers, which were published in February of 2022. In order to get the actual Addresses data of the required territory, you need to contact the SE "Centre of Registers" which is the administrator of the Address Register. The objects are shown at the scales between 1:1 000 and 1:50 000.

  • INSPIRE Priority Data Set (Compliant) - Bathing Waters

  • INSPIRE Priority Data Set (Compliant) - Industrial Emissions Directive. LCP emission data

  • Agricultural sludge deposit sites in Lithuania.

  • INSPIRE dataset for Transport networks theme represents information about airports, roads, railways and water transport network located in the territory of Lithuania.