Agglomerations - roads noise exposure delineation day-evening-night (Noise Directive)

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  • This service provides a data of the natural risk zones of Lithuania.

  • INSPIRE dataset for Human Health and Safety theme represents information about common health indexes and health services statistics in Lithuania, population disease-specific mortality, adults', and school-age children's lifestyle habits, environmental aspects related with human health and safety elements as bathing places, noise values, and road traffic accidents. It is important to mention that the sample of data on adult's lifestyle habits research consists of 24889 surveyed adults aged 18 and over. Data sample on children's lifestyle habits research consists of 38633 surveyed school-aged (5, 7, 9 cl.) children. Data provided by the Lithuanian Ministry of Health and the Center for Health Education and Disease Prevention cover the part ‘the environmental determinant of health’ of the Human Health and Safety theme. Data provided by the Police Department covers the part ‘Safety’ of the Human Health and Safety theme. The objects of the layer HH.HealthDeterminantMeasure.Noise are shown at a scale of 1:5 000.