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  • Data prepared for the implementation of the Invasive Alien Species Directive.

  • INSPIRE dataset for Habitats and Biotopes theme represents information about natural habitats of European Union importance in the territory of Lithuania. Precise habitat sites are identified and their conservation status is specified not only in Natura 2000 sites but also outside these areas. The objects are shown at a scale of 1: 50 000.

  • Bio-geographical regions - Annex 3. The objects of Bio-geographical regions are shown at different scales through the view service. Boreal and Baltic Sea bio-geographical regions are shown at 1:2 000 000 - 1:10 000 000 scale, objects of natural vegetation bio-geographical region are shown at 1:250 000 - 1:2 000 000 scale, environmental stratification bio-geographical region objects are shown at 1:250 000 scale.

  • INSPIRE dataset for Species Distribution theme represents actual information about protected species (species of plants, mushroom, animals, birds, etc.) distribution in the territory of Lithuania. Due to the sensitivity and importance of data, information about protected species is summarised and aggregated by 10 km grid cells. The number of individuals in a grid cell is indicated. Data values are coded according to international classification. The SD.ProtectedSpecies layer is shown at a scale of 1: 500 000.

  • INSPIRE Priority Data Set (Compliant) - Habitat types distribution sensitive (including BIRDS distribution)