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  • Data prepared for the implementation of the Nitrates directive.

  • INSPIRE dataset for Environmental Monitoring Features theme represents information about environmental elements (including atmospheric, surface and sub-surface, underground water, territorial water in the Baltic Sea and Curonian Lagoon) monitoring system in Lithuania. In Lithuania sites, objects, purposes, plans, and activities of the monitoring are included and defined in the national monitoring programme. Monitoring features in Lithuania are also regulated by the Lithuanian Monitoring Act, other relevant national and international treaties, legislation and European Union directives. The majority of information about objects, facilities, and results of monitoring in Lithuania is provided by the Environmental Protection Agency.

  • INSPIRE dataset for Geology theme represents geological information for the territory of Lithuania. Layer with Active well objects is not public, in order to get data you need to contact the Lithuanian geological survey under the Ministry of Environment which is the resource provider, Layers GE.AquiferSystems, GE.Aquiclude, GE.Aquifer, and GE.Aquitard are shown at a scale of 200 000:100 000 000.