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  • INSPIRE dataset for Population Distribution – Demography theme represents the main demographic characteristics for the Lithuanian population and socio-demographic variables grouped by the relevant territorial statistical in Lithuania. Also, certain variables were calculated for different gender and/or age groups, certain economic demographic variables – for different economic activities (by NACE classification). Layers of the theme are shown at a scale of 1: 1 500 000, except for PD.StatisticalDistribution.GRID layer, which is shown at a scale of 1: 25 000.

  • INSPIRE dataset for Statistical Units theme represents information about the current Statistical grid ETRS89 of the Republic of Lithuania and current area of statistical administrative units. This statistical grid has three different cell sizes: 1x1 km, 10x10 km and 100x100km. Statistical grid cells have unique codes. These codes allow the creation of links between INSPIRE data themes, such as Population Distribution – Demography and Statistical Unit themes. This dataset represents the current area of statistical administrative units: 1) NUTS1 (boundaries and area of Lithuania), 2) NUTS2 (boundaries and area of Capital region and Central and Western Lithuania region), 3) NUTS3 (boundaries and areas of counties), 4) LAU (boundaries and areas of districts). Statistical administrative units have unique codes.