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  • Orthoimagery - Annex II. INSPIRE Dataset for Orthoimagery theme contains Lithuanian Digital Raster Orthophotographic Map (ORT10LT at Scale 1:10000) which is created on the background of aerial photography of 2019, 2020 and 2021. Orthophotographic maps can be downloaded as separate sheets in LizardTech MrSID format. The objects are shown at a scale of 1:500 - 1:50 000 through the view service.

  • Land cover - Annex 2 Land cover is a physical description of the space and (bio) physical occupation observed on the earth's surface. This dataset contains land cover data of the Lithuania from the European CorineLandCover 2018 dataset (CLC2018). CLC products are based on photointerpretation of satellite images by national teams of participating countries - the EEA member and cooperating countries – following a standard methodology and nomenclature with the following base parameters: 44 classes in the hierarchical three level Corine nomenclature; minimum mapping unit for status layers is 25 hectares; minimum width of linear elements is 100 metres. It has been harmonized according to INSPIRE.